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  • Andrian Ishak

Andrian Ishak

Chef & Restaurateur

Andrian Ishak is an entirely self-taught chef. He started living his passion on cooking a couple years ago just a minute after he decided to quit from music industry. His educational background at Bandung Institute of Tourism helped him to understand the choice. His first paid job as a chef is when he opened his own first establishment, Magali, a traditional Indonesian cuisine restaurant.

Andrian Ishak is the first chef to incorporate the discipline of molecular gastronomy into the world of Indonesian cuisine. Uniquely, he did not receive any specific education in molecular gastronomy, he bought every relevant book that he could lay his hands on and augmented the technique in these books with his own experiments

Now, after way of series of experiments, his 'Bjork' style of cooking finds its home. Andrian uses a multitude of advanced scientific techniques to produce both playful variations on traditional dishes and taste sensations at his acclaimed Namaaz Dining - the first Indonesian molecular gastronomy restaurant, located in South Jakarta.

I want to offer consumers my own culinary interpretations, food should be delicious, healthy and satisfying, of course. However, I also strive for something else: excitement. – Andrian Ishak